Long time, no post!

Well, my dear friend Rainy inspired me to start writing again on this blog. I have recently made vegan sour cream — with raw cashews! It came out great 🙂 Also have a recipe for vegan Parmesan cheese. Will be sharing both, as well as lots of other exciting recipes! Hint, hint: do you miss eggs? Have I got the fix for you! #tofegg

Super Green soup!

What you don’t see in this photo are the steamed baby carrots 🥕 and butternut squash I added, plus Cumin, Curry powder, Turmeric, powdered red pepper, black pepper, lemon juice, Brewers Yeast, plus ginger and garlic pastes. The box blend has spinach, peas, onions, celery and more! Then I put it all in the blender!

Maximus, Ragnus & Linus all gave it a Troll thumbs up!